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VOSA brings a team of passionate solutions-oriented experts to help your organization achieve and exceed its goals, based on our philosophy that “The most successful organizations in the world are those where employees want to stay, engage and go above and beyond, every day”.

VOSA proprietary solutions are unmatched in their effectiveness and efficiency

Value of Service Award (VOSA)

Are you looking to maximize your Employee Retention, Engagement and Talent Attraction?

>> Our Flagship VOSA (Value of Service Award) Compensation Plan may be the right choice for you.

  • Stop unnecessary and ineffective across-the-board or subjective pay increases, and replace them with a much more effective and efficient Value of Service Award
  • Achieve an immediate and unheard-of near-100% Retention and Engagement of your best talent, especially at the lower pay levels, with all the productivity and profitability boosts you would expect
  • Meet and exceed your Employer Branding, Recruitment, EVP, CSR, ESG, UN SDG goals and aspirations
  • Become part of the Solution to the Income Inequality Crisis and uneconomic Pay Gaps
  • Benefit from the VOSA Values: Equality & Inclusiveness, Employee-controlled Equity, Simplicity & Intuitiveness, Transparency & Consistency, Objectivity, Fairness, Financial Meaningfulness and Social Impact
  • Benefit from the optional VOSA Certification for public image and credibility boost
Income Inequality Solutions
Optional Certification:

Value of Service Award Certification

VOSA Pay Equity & Pay Transparency

Are you looking to prepare for Pay Equity & Pay Transparency laws or simply improve your internal Compensation Consistency?

>> Our Pay Equity & Pay Transparency Solutions may be the right choice for you.

  • VOSA offers the first of its kind Pay Equity & Pay Transparency methodology, that creates a more fair and more transparent compensation structure ensuring not only compliance with evolving pay equity & pay transparency laws, but also establishing a practice for years to come that will bring enormous business benefits and will some day be the standard for industry leaders and Employers of Choice
  • We developed a simple yet highly effective solution that is not a compromise, but a positive step forward for both, employers and employees
  • We meet with you to understand and assess your current Compensation policies
  • We present either a comprehensive solution covering optimization of your entire compensation structure, or a customized solution focused specifically on Salaries or Performance Bonuses
  • You decide on the scope
  • Optional Certifications are available for an incredible image boost
Pay Transparency Solutions
Optional Certification:

VOSA Pay Equity – Equitable Salaries Certification

Pay Transparency Solutions
Optional Certification:

VOSA Pay Equity – Equitable Total Rewards Certification

Layoff Alternatives Pledge Consulting & Certification

In the sea of layoffs and instability, are you looking to quickly differentiate yourself and improve your Employer Image as well as Employee Retention and Talent Attraction?

>> Taking the Layoff Alternatives Pledge may be the right choice for you.

Based on a popular article on LinkedIn by our Founder and CEO (link to article), we designed the Layoff Alternatives Pledge for leaders who are looking to do the right thing and commit to a transparent, pragmatic, ethical and economically justified approach to dealing with financial difficulties at their company.

  • Layoff Alternatives Pledge is a commitment to a specific decision-making process, not to an outcome.
  • Layoff Alternatives Pledge will become part of the company policy, ideally also published on the company website, approved and executed by the CEO and Board of Directors (if present) in order to be Certifiable

Layoff Alternatives Pledge entails commitment to the following decision-making process:

Each time there is an event or a situation that necessitates a cost reduction, that would normally be achieved via a headcount reductions (layoff, RIF), relevant decision-makers (CEO/ExCo/Board) would ask themselves One Question:
Is the situation Temporary or Permanent?
  • If Permanent, then layoffs are likely the right choice, often combined with restructuring or M&A activities
  • If Temporary, then layoffs are likely to be the wrong choice, a counterproductive and value-, image- and culture- destroying measure, and the company commits to selecting one or more of the following four alternatives:
  1. Time and Pay Reduction for all
  2. Time and Pay Reductions volunteered by staff.
  3. Pay Reduction for all, compensated by introducing an Employee Profit-Sharing Plan (such as VOSA).
  4. Pay Reduction for all, compensated by introducing an Employee Stock Option/Ownership participation plan (ESOP).

*May also be known as the #NoLayoffs Pledge based on a #NoLayoffs hashtag popularized by VOSA.

#NoLayoffs Pledge
Optional Certification:

VOSA Layoff Alternatives Pledge Certification

VOSA Corporate Consulting

  • Benefit from our broad expertise with HR and Business process design and optimizations
  • “Hidden Costs” of employee attrition and disengagement analysis and actionable recommendations (can be done by us or together with company experts in form of a workshop)
  • Employee survey design, implementation and/or analysis and actionable recommendation
  • Employee performance evaluation and rewards system design and implementation or review and improvement of an existing one to meet company goals
  • Recruiting (we are great at selecting the best candidates for you) and Mobility Consulting (we can help you find remote, international or available to relocate talent)
  • FP&A Consulting – we are experts in designing and improving strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting and management reporting processes
  • Workforce and Compensation Planning

VOSA Government Policy Consulting

We are a Social Impact and Social Innovation company, offering uniquely effective advice and solutions in the following areas:

  • How to quickly, effectively, and permanently resolve workers’ strikes and protests around pension reform, compensation or other economic issues
  • How to solve the income and wealth inequality crises
  • How to grow tax revenues without raising tax rates
  • How to narrow or close the budget gap quickly
  • How to reduce poverty
  • How to grow GDP and local economic activity
  • How to fund private and public pensions for a comfortable retirement
  • How to raise worker incomes without raising the minimum wage
  • How to combat inflation with better labor policy
  • How to retain, engage and improve the productivity of government workers
  • How to reduce worker shortages and bring people back to work
  • How to bring respect and financial security back to essential professions
  • How to avoid raising taxes or minimum wages, opting for employee profit-sharing instead
  • How to fight inflation
  • How to implement and encourage pay transparency
  • How to reduce gender, racial and other pay gaps

VOSA Certifications

We currently offer three types of Certifications under the VOSA Income Inequality Solutions umbrella:
Income Inequality Solutions

Value of Service Award

Pay Transparency Solutions

Pay Equity – Equitable Salaries

Pay Transparency Solutions

Pay Equity – Equitable Total Rewards

#NoLayoffs Pledge

Layoff Alternatives Pledge

Income Inequality Solutions

Value of Service Award

Pay Transparency Solutions

Pay Equity – Equitable Salaries

Pay Transparency Solutions

Pay Equity – Equitable Total Rewards

#NoLayoffs Pledge

Layoff Alternatives Pledge

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